Aquiles robotic Robotic Systems offers high-tech solutions to protect technicians and specialists in high-risk missions. Highly modular and versatile tools that allow them to cope with the different types of IED-CBRN threats, thereby helping to protect their lives, lives they put at risk to protect ours.



Pipelines, petrochemical, chemical and nuclear facilities, airports, ports, public transport, etc.. have become potential terrorist targets. Achilles Protector thanks to its versatile features and its contained dimensions becomes the perfect tool for the security forces, the army or private security companies to protect and act in missions EOD, CBRNE and SAFETY in these facilities as well as emergency .



Aquiles offers proprietary technology robots for bomb disposal teams, tactical teams, military units and security agencies. These provide a great operational capacity, size and mobility to manage a series of dangerous threats including Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), car bomb (VBIEDs), chemical, biological and radiological agents at high risk.

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