Robotic upper extremity orthosis for functional and cognitive rehabilitation of patients with brain injury. Anthropocentric, ambivalent and adjustable, with 8 active joints and visual feedback system on a virtual reality environment to perform activities of daily living through haptic devices that provide motion intentionality according to the concept of "assisted-as-needed"









Rehabilita project

Rehabilitation context

Robotics must assume a very important challenge: To offer new technologie to citizens who can improve their quality life and also be treated with more advanced and effective systems in order to obtain better clinical results and increasing  their mobility.

Today, disability generates a diect cost (Healthcare assistance) and indirect (large sick leave) very important for counties and hospitals Rehabilitation is a clinical process oriented to recover, minimize and/or compensate alterations, minimize the organism capacity making a continous and cotinued on time practice of specficic ativities.

Project targets

Evolution rehabiitation is our most important target.

  • To guarantee handicapped persons can be treated according to its specific needs reciving a customized and intensive enough attention, uring the periodof time required with a sustainable cost.
  • Developing new rehabilitation service platforms which can generate know-how about rehabilition procedures effectiveness  and make possile to develop a reablitation practice based on evidence. 


Aquiles Robotic Systems actively collaborates with first level clinical professionals developing new systems in order to offer effective solutions to the future rehabilitation challenges from the social and technological point of views.

Healtcare systems have to face new scenarios where technology will take a very imporant rule making possible a customized attention to th citizens maximizing human ressources and equipment efficiency and effectiveness.

Project Scope

Rehabilita straegy cnsist in fixing investigation activity in three areas which will make possibleto face the 8 most important patologies around the world, and the 10 most important in advanced countries:

  • Physics rehabilitation: Traffic accidents , Stroke (CVA), catastrophes and muscle-skeletal.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation: Depression, Taffic accidents, strokes, catastropes and dementia.
  • Cardiorespiratory rehabilitation: heart attack, chronics pulmonary obstrutive illness, respiratory infection, Tuberculosis.

Project necessity

Raabilitation process implies:

  • Direct costs, depending on the number of days hospitalized
  • Indirect costs, because the patien becames unproductive (proportionally to the sick leave number of days)

Necessity to evolution in order to:

  • Reduce the number of days hospitalized in special centers.
  • Management plataform which alows decentralize the process
  • Remote monitoring
  • To reduce the number of days the patient is under treatment.
  • More effctiveness treatment to reduce the number of days of treatment
  • Dynamics treatment adjustment
  • Rehabilitation based on evidence

Physics rehabilitation

Specific Innovation:

  • Robot assisted virtual environments
  • Roboticsmodular orthesis, ergonomic, wearable and usable
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