Turnkey projects



Aquiles team is made up by specialists in different technologies with a huge know-how including telecommunication, mechanical, electronics and software engineers. Aquiles engineering together with  Gutmar production facilities makes possible to execute very complex projects as Satelite SMOS ground station.


A multidisciplinary team composed by specialists in all the technologies deployed in the robot (Telecommunications, mechanical, electronics, software, manufacturing and process) work together implementing the globality of the projects in a very short period of time taking advantege of Gutmar group production capacities and the flexibility generated by the promity between the diferent departments involved in the robot desing, manufacturing and assempling (Engineering, Processes, Production and Quality) . All the things described above explain why Aquiles team can execute complex projects in avery short period of time.


SMOS project

SMOS satellite ground station project, leadered by  Digital Signal Processing Department UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) and executed by Gutmar Group is an example of strategic project which joins aerospace tradition, past and future of the company.

Aerospace and aeronautics is present in Aquiles and Gutmar ADN which have been the responsables of executing this project showing their capacities developing and implementing robotic and automatic systems.


TIBI & DABO robots

Gutmar Group has collaborated  in URUS project, leadered in Spain by Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial (IRI), a project orientated to develop and manufacture robots in order to improve citizens quality of life in urban areas. Robots operate in network and are prepared to execute tasks as assistance, transport of ojects or surveilance in urban areas. 

More information in www.urus.upc.es


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