The AQUILES PROTECTOR robot represents a new generation of robots EOD-CBRNE medium scale, where versatility and modularity are key to meet the growing and changing IED threats, both in confined spaces (inside buildings, public transportation, petrochemical industries, etc..) and in metropolitan areas and open fields.

The AQUILES PROTECTOR  has been designed as a highly modular, robust, versatile and reliable system that allows you to integrate a large range of accessories to expand its capacity EOD-CBRNE.


Robot Aquiles Protector

The ability to adapt to unexpected situations Achilles Protector robot is extraordinary, offering a broad range of configuration options and scalability that allows to easily integrate new technological solutions and peripherals . Particularly noteworthy is his NBC capability, which allows you to display their operational capabilities in contaminated environments hostile to humans .

Its small size allows it to operate comfortably in tight spaces with precision and force that in the past was associated with higher dimensional spaces robots . Also remarkable is its portability utility vehicles, or helicopters.

Its modularity significantly the operational capacity of the robot. With great ease you can add accessories quickly and easily in the perforated plates available ( Rangefinders , LED lights , lasers , cameras, disruptors , etc ...) . The flexibility in the configuration of the robot is a key feature of Achilles Protector ( Placement and connectivity of new components , change of arm operation with or without clip , etc ...) .

The digital video generation brings a high quality with minimal delay and an operating distance of 300m in metropolitan and over 1000m in open field environments.

The user interface allows you to observe up to 4 cameras simultaneously ( can select different settings and selecting one or more cameras up to 4) and provides information on the relative position of the robot and any information necessary to operate the robot environment .

  • Reduced size to operate in confined spaces missions.
  • High modularity, flexibility and scalability through the integration of new peripherals - sensors.
  • Configurable to operate in different scenarios.
    4x4 and 6x6 Double Wheel all terrain , high tractive power and electromechanical brakes.
  • Removable Arm, different clamps , single or double disruptors , shotgun, laser range finders , cameras, LED spotlights, etc. .
  • High maneuverability and ability to climb stairs .
  • Transportable rushing on standard vehicles or helicopter.
  • Detachable Robotic Arm with 5 degrees of freedom and a broad range of easily customizable subsystems.
  • System -friendly control , RF operable or motorized cable system collection .
    Two-way audio.
  • Robust and reliable : made ​​of aeronautical aluminum-magnesium alloy ( AL7075 ).
  • Allows CBRN cleaning and maintenance.
  • Ability to implement solutions for autonomous navigation surveillance missions .
  • Engineered solutions tailored to the client.

Modular and scalable

Aquiles Protector raises scalability and modularity concepts to levels never reached before. The robotic platform, arm and, in general all the robot, have been developed to guarantee the robot can operate in the present and future environments.

Protector robot can operate with or without robotic arm and allows changing it very easily (Plug and play system). Aquiles modularity is present in the gripper, which can be easily replaced and removed, obtaining additional space for new equipment. The end of the gripper (the nails) can be also easily replaced by another kit, making possible to adapt this part of the robot to each situation or customer requirements.

The perforated sheets system is easy to remove and allows adding or changing equipment very easily (telemeters, cameras, disrupters, spotlights, sensors...). Protector's modularity allows transporting it by two operators and introduce it in reduced spaces.

Aquiles Protector architecture has been specially developed in order to make possible new peripherals integration and future technological solutions according to present and future requirements. This product conceptions allows a extremelly large robot operative life.

Last generation telecommunications systems, materials and components according to Gutmar's Group quality standards


Control Console

The Aquiles Protector is controlled by radio or cable through the new console here. The digital video technology provides high image quality with minimum delay and a working distance of 300 m in metropolitan areas and more than 1000 m in open field environments. The user interface allows you to view up to 4 cameras simultaneously and provides information about the relative position of the robot and the information needed to operate in the environment of the robot. The cable system allows a range of 100 m. The control console works with Li-ion batteries with a similar robot autonomy: 4 hours.

  • Two-way audio communication 
  • Rugged and waterproof case 
  • Capacity of multiple simultaneous functions 
  • Easy to use and very intuitive
  • Electronics distributed architecture

 Friendly interface user


Transportable and robust

Protector's modularity allows the robot to be transported by two users and also introduce the robot in reduced spaces. The robot can be also transported very easily in 3 parts (Platform, arm and batteries). Robot's different parts integration is very easy and can be done in a few seconds.

Modularity concept makes possible to transport the robot in standard vehicles or helicopter.

The robot has been manufactured using high quality materials as aluminum-magnesium (aeronautics standard)  and the platform has been developed i order to overcome obstacles easily due to the platform design ans 4x4 drive system with independent motors in each wheel.

Aquiles Protector's software has been developed by specialists in aeronautics software and is extremely advanced and reliable.

In spite of its reduced dimensions, Aquiles Protector robot has a power and characteristics than historically associated to big robots.

Small and powerful

4x4 drive system gives Aquiles Protector a big capacity to load and tow objects.

Aquiles Protector can operate with 4x4 drive and has the possibility to choose only front or rear drive helping the operator to choose different drive possibilities to overcome obstacles.

6 Degrees of freedom robotic arm allows to operate with a huge number of subsystems integrated in the robot (Telemeters, lasers, spotlights, sensors, cameras.....)

Protector robot is operable by RF or by cable/fiber optics with resistance to torsion with a motorized system which guarantee the right level of  cable tension to avoid problems with obstacles operating in reduced spaces.



  • Dimensions: 103 x 57,5 x 90 cm
  • Approx weight: 160 Kg
  • Drive system: 4x4 or 6x6 with Tipper Kit
  • Autonomy: 4 hours
  • Robotic arm with 5 Degrees of Freedom +  gripper
  • High with Arm stretched: 175cm
  • High with telescopic system: 300 cm
  • Material: Aluminium-magnesium (aeronautics)


Equipment / Accessories

  • Different kind of cameras (infrared, PTZ, thermal) and numebr of cameras according to customer requirements
  • Telemeters (Large/Small distance)
  • Spotlights
  • Systems and acessories for inspection, operation and reconaissance
  • Telscopic system with camera
  • Accesories for NBQ systems and sensors
  • Motorized cable reel for cable/fiber optics operation
  • Front reel
  • Brackets/support for arm subsystems
  • Digital video system (4 video signals simultaneously)
  • Bidirectionnal audio
  • Frontal shelf
  • Lasers
  • Control unit
  • Battery chargers (Control unit and robot)
  • Power sysm with ion-lithium batteries and other power options
  • Joystick by cable for not critical operations (Enter/exit to/from vehicles)
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